Safety And Health Foundation

From A.D.'s blog post

• It was a great pleasure to host the 10K race on Saturday, August 5, 2017, on W&OD Trail in Vienna.
• The day and evening could not have been more spectacular in terms of weather, picture perfect!
• ACE Physical Therapy &d Sports Medicine Institute was there along with many exhibitors providing education about the trail, good health and lifestyle habits for all of us.
• The race was a success overall!
• We had one incident, however, where a runner collapsed just before the finish line
• Race director Jay Jacob Wind instantly called 911 to request emergency aid
• We were well-prepared, with a team on first-aid-certified volunteers from Safety and Health Foundation, including two recently re-certified on July 27 who were able to assist the fallen runner immediately on-site with ice and water. cooling him down prior to the arrival of the EMTs who got treated him on-site, then transported him to Fairfax Hospital
• We talked with his parents on Saturday night an Suday morning
• We learned he was running his first race on Saturday, he was doing well and was released on Sunday morning, and he looks forward to coming out again soon to our future races
• It's important to hydrate up before all races!
• We saw how our first-aid / AED / CPR training provided by Safety and Health Foundation on-site proved to be so important, and we are grateful to all of those who came out to help to volunteer to make this race a success.
• Proceeds benefitted Friends of the W&OD Trail's environmental preservation efforts.
• -- A.D., August 6, 2017

• Hi, I wanted to say thank you!
• I was in your CPR class at ACE Physical Therapy a few weeks ago.
• Tonight, I saw some people on my lawn hovering over what I thought may have been a child who had fallen off a bike.
• I went out to see if everything was ok. Turns out here was a woman who went unconscious and was not breathing and was pulseless.
• She and her friends had been out on a walk. By the time I got over to her she was turning blue.
• I got right in and started CPR. I felt calm and knew exactly what to do.
• I got a call from one of the paramedics just a bit ago, and he told me she is alive, breathing on her own and had a good heart beat and good blood pressure.
• I never anticipated doing CPR let alone, on my front lawn!
• -- J.R., April 13, 2017