SHF's Privacy Policy





  • In the course of managing races and other events, SHF receives and stores personal data including name, address, phone, e-mail, date of birth, t-shirt size, and more.
  • SHF director Jay Jacob Wind worked as a contractor for U.S. Census Bureau for 3 years and held "Special Sworn Status," prohibiting the release of any personal data received in the course of Census work to any third party.
  • Jay construes Special Sworn Status to be a lifetime commitment to keep confidential ALL personal data received in the course of business, including race and event management.
  • SHF stores your personal data in one place only and will not divulge, sell, or in any way provide any personal data to any third party.
  • SHF will not add your e-mail address to any lists outside the event where you registered.
  • SHF may send announcements to you about upcoming races and events via broadcast e-mail no more than once a month, and any such messages will contain opt-out options at the bottom.
  • SHF contracts with third-party vendors to provide on-line registation services. Those vendors receive and store your personal data, subject to their own privacy policy.

  • You may comment on this privacy policy.