Dear Volunteer,

Thank you for offering to help! Here are some instructions that you can share with others.

The locks on the C&O Canal Towpath are accessible from Clara Barton Parkway EASTBOUND.

From Alexandria, get on I-395 south toward Springfield. Take the turn right onto I-495 north toward Maryland. Pass the exits for Braddock Road, Route 50, Route 7, I-66, Route 123, Route 193, and George Washington Memorial Parkway. Cross over Potomac River and stay right. Take Exit 41 right onto Clara Barton Parkway eastbound.

From Maryland, take I-495 south to Exit 41, Clara Barton Parkway eastbound.

After you turn onto Clara Barton Parkway eastbound, you will see signs for and small parking areas at Lock 10, Lock 7, but no sign for Lock 5 -- look for the spiral ramp over Clara Barton Parkway 0.4 miles east of Lock 6. At each lock, turn right into the small parking area. Cross the small wooden footbridge over the C&O Canal.

On the day before the race, Gib Leonard and I shall pre-position tables, chairs, water bottles, coolers, tents, Gatorade mix, stir sticks, food handling gloves, trash boxes, and trash bags at each aid station.

Thus the provisions you need will be on-site on race day.

You and your team will set up the aid station near the footbridge, but not obstructing the Towpath. Your first runner will come by around 7:10 AM (Lock 5), 7:20 AM (Lock 7), 7:30 AM (Lock 10); and your last runner will come by around 12:30 PM (Lock 10), 1:00 PM (Lock 7), 1:30 PM (Lock 5).

Please pour water cups, mix Gatorade and pour cups.

Please set up trash boxes on both sides of your table, then also 10 meters, 20 meters, and 30 meters out on each side of your table.

In case of a runner who cannot continue, provide fluids and warmth, allow the runner to recover in one of your cars, then if necessary, transport the runner back to Carderock. We also expect to have an emergency vehicle on the Towpath.

In case of a runner injured, provide first aid if you are certified or feel protected by Maryland's Good Samaritan Law. In case of a true emergency, call 911 for rapid evacuation.

Thank you for serving.

Please call me with any questions.

Thank you so much for your help!

Jay Jacob Wind, director

Safety And Health Foundation, Inc.