ACE Health Foundation Inc.

ACE Vision:

  • COMMUNITY: To give back to, and thereby enhance their community by collaborating and supporting local charitable organizations achieve their mission
  • EDUCATION: To advance healthcare by providing the community with the resources to gain or enhance their skills and knowledge in various areas throughout the healthcare field
  • RESEARCH: To change the face of healthcare by providing a society that thrives on mobility with the innovative research needed to optimize physical functioning

    ACE Mission:

  • COMMUNITY: To make contributions to the community in which it operates by providing support to local charitable organizations in order to enhance their mission
  • EDUCATION: To improve the health and wellness of the community by providing educational programs to individuals in the community in which the foundation serves, thereby advancing the skills and knowledge of local citizens and developing service-oriented citizens dedicated to enhancing their health and wellness of the individuals in their community
  • RESEARCH: To fund and publicize physical therapy research that determines the scientific basis and value of services intended to optimize physical functioning by physical therapists and to develop the next generation of researchers

    ACE Goals:

  • COMMUNITY: To collaborate and support local charitable organizations in furthering their mission to enhance their local community. Currently, the Foundation has collaborated with local health organizations in the development and implementation of numerous events dedicated to raising funds and community awareness for a variety of causes. The Foundation will continue establish relationships with local charities to understand their purpose and develop means in which the Foundation can contribute to their local community by supporting these charitable organizations. In addition, ACE Health Foundation will enhance the opportunities available to local high school students by providing an annual collegiate scholarship to students entering an approved health professions program
  • EDUCATION: To implement and offer various courses and seminars in various arenas in healthcare in order to provide members of the community with opportunities to develop their knowledge, while providing credentialed healthcare providers the opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills along with obtaining continuing education credit, as required by their respective credentialing agencies
  • RESEARCH: To continue to support the many researchers around the country and abroad who are now developing new treatments and approaches in so many arenas, including: orthopedics, geriatrics, pediatrics, neurology, chronic conditions, and cardiology. The Foundation Board of Trustees adopted a multiyear strategic plan in 2016 focused to accomplish by 2019 on five organizational priorities:
    1. Research Portfolio -- Identify and advance innovative research priorities that will have high impact on society
    2. Centers of Excellence -- Develop Center of Excellence research networks
    3. Awareness -- Expand awareness of the Foundation and the value of its funded research
    4. Fundraising -- Increase funds to support innovative research
    5. Organizational Stability -- Develop and implement plans to create a self-sustaining and efficient organization that perpetuates its legacy

    ACE History:

  • Established in 2016, ACE Health Foundation will award research funds to organizations that further physical therapy research. The funds will launch and fund the research careers of physical therapists around the country and abroad in scientific, clinical, and health services research.
  • The Goal is to produce groundbreaking evidence of physical therapy’s crucial role in such areas as:
  • The Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization governed by its Board of Trustees
  • In 2016, APTA and Foundation leadership worked together to improve the clarity of the Foundation’s bylaws, to recognize the Foundation’s independent nature, and to promote sound and transparent governance for the future. The new bylaws communicate the healthy collaborative but independent nature that supports a philosophical partnership between the two organizations

    ACE News:

  • November 15, 2016 -- Grant Application Form

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  • ACE Articles of Incorporation.pdf
  • ACE Directors (Trustees):

  • Lisa Hendrick, Maineville OH
  • Pooja Chandra Pama, Falls Church VA
  • Jay Jacob Wind, Arlington VA

    ACE Contact Us:

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  • Call us at 703-204-0533